Editing a .rui file

One of my plugins displays 4 panels on startup no matter how many times I arrange them differently. I only want 1 of them to display and am getting sick of arranging them every time on startup. They cloud the interface so that it is very difficult to use as my workspace is set up.

Another plugin from this manufacturer loads panels and remembers where I put them so I asked them if it was possible to be fixed for the offending plugin. They informed me that it will be fixed in the next version….which is a AU$1130 upgrade and at this stage I cannot see anything in the next version that I need.

So I was wondering if it was the .rui file that loads these panels by default?

On opening the .rui file it appears to be an xml file that I could backup and tinker with to see if I can find the offending node.

Hi Sochin- my guess is they are storing the rui file in some non-writable location- you can try:

  • Open Options > Toolbar page.
  • Select the rui file that does not behave, and in the File menu on that Options page, choose SaveAs.
  • Save to
    if it is not there already.

Any luck?


Got it Pascal. I have got a pluginName toolbar file and pluginName.rui.rui_bak file. Is the _bak file the one I need to look at or is that the backup of the other file?

Sorry did not read properly…going again…sorry you want me to do this through Rhino. Will try that and see if it fixes the problem.

Done that. The file was already there so I saved as again and overwrote it. Have backed it up and poking around inside it. I am guessing it is one of the extend_rhino_menus nodes.

Hi @pascal,
No luck in any of the .rui files in UI, Plugin or Toolbar directories.

My main issue is that every time I run a TDM plugin command it toggles the plugin panel in front of my layers palette. I use the command line and alias and hardly ever go to menus so it is annoying to have to toggle layers back to the front every time you run one of those plugins.

I have mentioned this to TDM but their answer was that it will be in the next version. What I did to over come this was place all those TDM panels over on the right side so that they can toggle amongst themselves.

However every time I start Rhino I have to reset the panels as I get this……2 RhinoGold panels in the left side that I never use and another 2 Rhinogold panels that I want over on the right side. The Clayoo panel however stays in place on the right side.

…only a little thing but it gets annoying. Any ideas for a solution or do I just have to wait for TDM to fix this?

I guess you can just run the Layer command after running the plug-in - that will bring layers to the front - even include it in the command macro that launches the plug-in. The panels have nothing to do with the rui file - rui files only hold info for toolbars and any custom menus you may have created, but this is rare.


Thanks @pascal. Probably easiest for me to just shut down the panels that I do not want and move the others to the right…every time I start Rhino….annoying :frowning:

Hi @pascal,

Just got this reply from Pedro at TDM:

Sochin, we’ve been checking the possibility to remember the side panels but we can’t implement that funcionality :frowning:
Is something related with Rhino itself, should be McNeel implementing it and it would be working for our panels in the same way!

This does not sound right to me. Surely RG is responsible for the panels that it loads into Rhino on startup. Can you comment before I go back to TDM?

@andy, I don’t know who’s responsible for remembering where plug-in panels show up on startup, Rhino or the plug-in, - can you shed any light?



Well, it’s certainly Rhino’s job to remember which panels were open and put the same ones back. However, it doesn’t happen with the built in panels, right?


@sochin, I think, from what I’ve read so far, that the Rhino panels do not misbehave for you , only the plug-in ones, is that correct?



@andy & @pascal, thank you both for your replies.

There are two issues here. One the loading of third party panels and the second remembering where I put them.

Rhino - for the most part Rhino remembers my layout on startup with the only panels I have docked being layers and notes both on the left. A crash can change this…but usually it is a TDM product that causes the crash :frowning:

Rhinogold - no matter what I do RG loads 4 panels on the left side of Rhino on startup. I only want two and I want them on the right. It never remembers what panels I have out or where I place them.

Clayoo - remembers that I wanted it mains panel on the right side and does not load any others unless I want it to.

TDM make both Clayoo and Rhinogold. Why does RG behave one way and Clayoo the other? Why can TDM get Clayoo to behave one way and then tell me that they cannot get Rg to behave the same way? Pictures of my panel layout are above.

The reason this is important for me is that the left side panels are ones that I want to be able to see most of the time. The ones on the right are ones that push themselves to the front when you activate one of their commands. I let them toggle amongst themselves.

If they were on the left side they would push forward and obscure the layers or notes panel which I do not want to have to manually click back to the front after I run a Clayoo or RG command.

Kind of defeats the purpose of the command line if every time you run a command you have to manually reshow the layers panel. It also seems a little annoying that every time you start an app you have to manually reset your workspace,

Does that clarify? Any help would be appreciated.