Editable 3D TextObject to render with vray

we often have multiple text in different positions in a scene which has to appear in renderings, and they are changing frequently.

is there any solution to have a text which is editable and also rendered in vray?
in rhino 5 or in rhino 6?

are there other rhino - vray users who need this funcion?

we asked for a programmed solution which will cost more than 3000€

thanks for feedback

Grasshopper could be the way to go. You do need the Wombat grasshopper library for the text2curve component.

Rhino doesn’t explode fonts well so you will be limited in which fonts will work with this.

hi benjamin,
thanks for this hint.
i never used gh before but i figured out all exept the final rendered image.
preview in viewport comes up…

i will come back to that in 2 weeks

thanks a lot…