Edit .STL file

How to edit a .STL file that I import into Rhino 4.0 SR9? I wanted to snap a construction line to the .STL model, then place a cylinder at its midpoint, then do a Boolean difference. Even if I explode the .STL file I can’t osnap to anything.


To snap to mesh vertices you need to use the “Vertex” snap, it’s in the Osnap box.

In Rhino 4 SR9? I suppose I should use MeshToNURB first? Is that the proper procedure?

Hi JWW - the Point OSnap snaps to mesh vertices in V4,


Is there a way to import and convert a .STL file into something I’m able to revise or modify the model. BTW
I’m still using Rhino 4.0.

main_body_LS65.stl (5.4 MB)