Edit List (Tree) with manual input

Is it possible or is there a plugin for Grasshopper to edit tree parameters with manual input? I almost imagine this being done through “Panel”. I have done this with Excel plugins with a simple numeric list but was wondering if there was a solution when working with something a bit more complex and I would prefer it was inside Grasshopper and not an external Excel file.

For context, I want to use this to create a tree with branches (lists) that define multiple placements of points on multiple curves. So its basically a Tree with 18 branches, inside each branch there are 3 list items that are manually selected numerical values.

The way Im solving this now is with Entwine and multiple number sliders, its easy enough to slide the sliders but the definition feels messy.

You could manually maintain a text file and load its data using the Read File component. But then you can also just have a multi-line panel: cull_and_partition.gh (14.6 KB)