Edit Layers of multiple Details at the same time



Yep- PythonScript/ Tools/Options has the path to the Python files which is how it must be finding the Show file. Oh, mannnnn…


So this is still not fixed? Hmm, running out of ideas here. If both of the scripts are in the same folder, the path to the folder in the python editor is correct, and the filenames in the aliases are correct, they both should work… Maybe delete your aliases and re-make them?



Hey @Mitch,

One more thought: In your first message yesterday you said that the file name is “HideLayersInAllDetails2.py” but the file name I downloaded doesn’t have the “2”. Could that be the problem?

Thank you.


No, that was just the filename it had here, I must have had a previous version at some point, I now got rid of the 2 here too. The alias filename just has to match the .py filename exactly.

While I’m here, I am posting two updated versions below, there is a bug in the CheckListBox method that the script uses which will cause it to error out if any accented characters are used in the layer names. That may not concern you in this case, but for those who work in languages other than English, it may.

HideLayersInAllDetails.py (2.7 KB)
ShowLayersInAllDetails.py (2.7 KB)