Edit individually a lot of elements

hi! im very new this is my issue:
i have this cylinder created and it’s repeated 44 times around the piece with a “rotate direction” component.
the cylinder can be moved around the green curve with a “point on curve” component. but i need to control that parameter of each cylinder individually, and i don’t know how to do it easily, with the minimum amount of components.

What parameter are you looking to control? Size, Extrusion?

the parameter is the point in the curve that marks the position of the cylinder, all the cylinders are created right now from this base cylinder with a rotate component and i need different cylinders in different points around their respective curves

Do you need it random or in certain pattern or true individual control?

If you need to manually control 44 values, you’ll either have to create 44 sliders, ir use a panel with 44 items.

A genepool could be an alternative to create 44 sliders

how could i do it in a certain pattern? i want to test it

There are quite many ways to go about creating a pattern.
Here are some examples.
Random numbers, random pattern
Series of numbers
Custom pattern based on numbers, then repeated until a certain list length is achieved.