Edit holes in solids

Hello folks,

I wonder if there is an command to edit holes in solids?

How do you do if there are multiple holes in a solid and you want to change the diameter or spacing of the holes. With solidpton you can move them around tho

thanks John

Hello - with sub-object selection (cmd-shift select on mac) you can move scale etc. See also the Solid menu> Solid edit tools > Holes.


Hi Pascal,

thanks a lot for your reply!

I still have problems figuring out how to change the diameter and spacing between multiple holes? Maybe I’m doing something wrong?

In the solid menu_solid edit tooles_holes I can’t finde any command for editing holes

thanks, John

Hi John - there’s nothing that will update all holes and spacing automatically. You can move and scale individual holes. To update all, you would probably want to delete all but one, edit the remaining hole and copy or ArrayHole this one to make a new pattern.

If you need to do this often, you could look into creating a definition in Grasshopper.

Just as Wim stated, there is no way to setting new size of multiple holes at once. You can select the menu Solid --> Solid Edit Tools --> Turn on points. Select through the 2 points to the hole (Back and front) and then use the Scale2d Command to scale the hole to the new value.