Edit a dot in group


I don’t know if this is something that I’m doing wrong but,

If I use the dot icon under properties to edit a single dot everyting works fine.
But if I:

  1. group the dot with an object (for example a box)
  2. selects the group
  3. selects the dot icon under properties
  4. tries to edit the text in the dot

Then I can only add/remove one character before the focus is removed from the editing section.
Is this understandable?

What am I doing wrong?

Using Ctrl + shift and selecting only the dot in the group, everything works fine again

Best regards

poking this thread in hope of some input

Hello -thanks, this sure looks buggy to me.



I see that this issue get bulked all the time, Is it really that downsized?
I can’t really see that I’m the only one using it?

Best regards

Hello - in case it helps for now, sub-object selection (ctrl-shift select) of the dot within the group allows the editing to work as expected.