Edgesrf creates bad surface?


When using edgesrf from 4 curves I keep getting a bad surface.

It seems to be because 2 of the curves are actually a couple of lines joined together and kinks appear across the surface originating from where the curves are joined.

The curve is compound and has to match in to surfaces already created so has to match it bang.

Does anybody know how to remove the knot/kink or whatever it is that is still present even though joined ?

Many thanks


Hi Glen - please post the file or, if confidential, send to tech@mcneel.com.



Based on your description one or more edges have kinks. I assume by “bad surface” you mean not what you want rather than not a valid solution. A surface (actually a polysurface) with a crease is a valid solution for a surface which needs to have one or more edges with kinks.

One way to create a set of surfaces without a crease which matches the kinked edge curve(s) is to first create the polysurface with the crease. Then use VariableFilletSrf to add a fillet along the crease. The radius of the fillet must be set to 0 (zero) at the end(s) of the crease adjacent to the kinks in the edge curve(s). If needed use the AddHandle option in VariableFilletSrf to add control of the fillet radius along the interior of the fillet. The initial surfaces and the fillet well be tangent (G1) continuous.

Sometimes automatic trimming of the original surface by the fillet does not work. In that case you will need to create temporary trimming curves on the original surface. Use Pull to pull the edges of the fillet onto the original surfaces. Use the resulting curves to trim the original surface.

BlendSrf can be used to create a blend surface between the original surfaces if curvature (G2) or higher continuity is needed. Create the variable radius fillet as described above, then delete the fillet. Use BlendSrf to fill the gap with a blend surface that has the desired continuity.