EdgeSoftening vb.NET


Is it possible to edit/add edgesoftening in RhinoCommon?
I can’t find it in the object attributes or anywhere else.

Thank you.

Hey Jordy,

Are you looking to do the edge softening or just set the object properties (or both)?

– Dale

Hi @Dale

I want to read and adjust the softening radius.
Maybe turn it off.

Thanks for looking into this.

Hi Jordy,

Maybe there is a startingpoint in Clement’s approach here:


Hi all,

that is why i asked how to access the userdata to which i got the id from the object properties. But i do not know how to pass the id to query

obj.Attributes.UserData.Find( ... ? ... )

I asumed that once the user data can be accessed, it might be possible to read enabled state etc. But i fear reading (and maybe even changing) the data requires to know the key values first.

@Dale, is this probably possible using RhinoCommon and Python ?