EdgeContinuity Issues

Yeah - at least that is what the complaint seems to be - the expectation is that if the numbers are small it ought to be smooth, which I understand… but I am not sure how that information would/should be presented within this tool.


The issue from the user perspective is that EdgeContinuity is saying things are G2 that are not even remotely G2. In this instance we have a really exaggerated example that is clear to the naked eye, but this will not always be the case, and so it’s hard to see how EdgeContinuity ends up being a valid check of G2, especially as models get bigger and more complicated. It’s good for G1, but not for G2.

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It seems like an error to me. I guess it should report the total difference of the signed curvature vectors.


@lowell - should I make a YT item for this, or did you already?
Looks like not, I’ll make one.
RH-64670 EdgeContinuity: G2 report tune-up

Thanks y’all.