Edge thickness doesn't affect in final printing

I set egde thickness for render view mode to 3. In view i see big difference imidiately, but during printing there are no changes. Where is the problem? Even if I set Edge thickness on 50, print export isnt affected at all.

Edge lineweight on printing can be set in the layers panel:

Or per object in Properties:

Or, if you just want the default to be heavier, you can set that in the print dialog:


Thansk a lot!

Two questions arise for me:

  1. In a view mode, what effect does changing edge thickness settings have?

  2. How to set up different line thickness for the same object in plan projection, elevation projection, and perspective.

Hi David -

Since the answer to that question should be obvious - it changes the edge thickness - I am guessing there is more to this question than what you have typed…

You’ll have to use different display modes in different views.

  1. Under what conditions is that supposed to be visible? I am not seeing any difference either un display or printing. But there are other anomalies, with Visualarq performance, so I may need to update my display driver.