Edge surface with crown

hi all,
i have one question about edge surface. Normally, we use four edges to get one surface in edge surface, is there any chance to give some crown or bubble to the output which is controlable through math.

the red one is generated by edge surface tool, the blue one is what i want

here is GH
edge surface with crown.gh (6.2 KB)


You could simply move the two control points in the center towards Y.

edge surface with crown.gh (14.9 KB)

Thanks, Magicteddy
if i have one surface to deal with, this cold work. however, i need to apply it to some pattern, and move points need too much time and steps in script. is there any tools or plug-ins for that ?

Screenshot 2023-06-26 154323
this is what i want to achieve

If you have all your diamonds made from EdgeSrf this should not take more components than what I did - except computing the local normal vector.

Uses Lunchbox.

SphereDiamonds.gh (26.4 KB)


the problem is that the surface will have more than 100 points in some cases when the edge curve is projected on two-curvature surface

It would be a great idea to rebuild those edges, if possible, to keep the surfaces simple.
Otherwise you could move all control points by a factor proportional to their distance to the edge, like an attractor.

I believe the inner logic is the same.
Plugin: Bullant

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Yes, your idea is good, thanks.
I use rebuild curve and edge surface to get surface, not brep. and then throw it to rebuild surface from lunch box.in the end, pull the cv to change surface.

Here is the final work.

very appreciate. it can simplify my script.