Edge softening vs. fillet / Thikness vs. Offset

Hello everyone,

I was trying to work with edge softening and thickness but noticed that the process is very heavy. I want to know what is the difference between these and fillet and offset? which one if faster to use for modeling and rendering?


Hi Mehrzad - edge softening and thickness are modifiers for the render mesh and not the original geometry. These are approximate, for visualization only, edge softening in particular. Filleting and OffsetsSrf act on the input geometry and create new, accurate, surfaces.


Thank you Pascal,

So there must be a big difference between the quality and the weight of file right? edge softening and thickness are like an preview for rendering?
And what about using them on Subds? Does this have anything to do with the bug? It works really heavy.


Hi Mehrzad - I am not sure what you mean exactly but the edge softening somewnat takes the place of adding fillets to the underlyiong geometry - if by heavy you mean is slows the display, that is certainly possible since it can add polygons to the render meshes- whether it would be slower than actually adding all the relvant fillets is hard to say, I’ve never tested that.
EdgeSofteninbg does ‘work’ on creased SubDs but the effect is not very clean.


Thank you Pascal,
That completely make sense about the adding polygons and adding just fillet! Sorry for my late answer.