Edge settings are not saved for custom display modes

When i export a display mode and import it to another computer I see that the settings for edges, marked blow are not imported. Is this a bug?
Thank you!

Hello- sounds buggy to me, I shall test…


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Hello - so far this works here in V6 - is that what you are checking?


Yes. I attached the one that doesn’t work for me…

ShadedWithTextures.ini (12.5 KB)

When I use your ini file, I am not getting the edge color change.

When I export my own with edge color changed, delete the existing one, and import mine again, the edge color is working.

Can you please test your setting and export again?

hi @John_Brock,
I tested as follows:

  1. Deleted my current ShadedWithTextures display mode and imported again the one that i attached here. I’m not getting the edge color change.

2.I change the edge setting again and exported as ShadedWithTextures2

  1. Deleted the setting again and imported ShadedWithTextures2

As in your case the setting is indeed working.

This might indicate that settings made on the same machine are saved but the ones that come from another are not.

Just tried that and no problem here.
I created one like yours with a Green surface edge display, emailed to another computer, imported it, and I have green surface edges as expected.


Hmm… I’ll let you know if I’ll bump into it again… It is indeed difficult to test.