Edge Continuity tool, how to use?

Is there supposed to be a comb diagnostic display for curvature in the “edge continuity” tool like there is for tangency? If so, how do you activate it?


Even if I put the scale to a million here, I don’t see any comb rising up from the edges…

Yeah - you do have to crank that scale way up - My guess of the moment is that this happens because it was originally indicating a % curvature difference and now that it has been changed to an absolute difference, the scale is too small a lot of the time. I’ll see if there might not be a better way - thanks for pointing this out.

I wonder if I encountered a bug then, because I couldn’t get any comb at all to rise up from the surface. I’ll try again when I get back into the office and if I can replicate it, I’ll attach the surfaces in question.

(Saw the percentage comment as well, and it was absolutely the correct thing to do to move to an absolute difference.)

Don’t go back to percentage scaling.

Perhaps have a default scaling for curvature based on 1 / absolute tolerance or 1 / absolut tolerance squared.

@pascal Suggestion for the curvature comb scale control - The numerical value entered in the panel is the log of the scale used by the algorithm.

Or a percentage of screen size? (The reported values should still be absolute, only the hair length display would be a function of what I suggested.)

That would have the same result and problems as setting the scale as a percentage of the curvature discontinuity.