Edge banding for furniture

Greetings to all. Is there a solution for edgebanding furniture? I mean, how to cut off the edge from the final part, for example, 2mm? I know how to do this in many ways IN ONE piece. But there are a lot of these parts and it is rather tedious to repeat several operations on each of them. I would like to do this in one or two clicks, just pointing to the edge of the part. I tried writing macros but didn’t achieve what I wanted. I would be grateful for any idea. Thanks in advance.

Grasshopper is ideal for this. Can you share an example file with a few furniture parts?

I’m not a macro wizard but the following sort of works:

_Split _Pause _Enter
_SelPrev _Enter

I’m using ctrl+shift+click to select the face where I want the edge banding

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I am not familiar with Grasshopper, unfortunately. My job has always been in modeling wood carvings and the Grasshopper does not help here. But for cabinet furniture, I will probably have to learn several techniques for working with it. Here’s an example - an ordinary part of the kitchen, nothing special. But it takes a long time to install the edge banding. I wrote a macro for this today. I also made several typical blocks with an already applied edge banding . But I will also consider your solution with interest. Many thanks.
KitchEx.3dm (2.8 MB)

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