Eddy3D with Grasshopper Player

Hello everyone,

Is there anyone here who tested, Eddy3D and Grasshopper Player Connection?

I’m working on a project to make a seamless connection with Eddy3D and the users who would like to run wind analysis by using Grasshopper Player. I’ve tested it but unfortunately I’m getting no results with the Grasshopper Player. I’m using number (0 or 1) as a toggle with Grasshopper Player, while trying to run the meshing, simulation and probing. It takes super long and gives irrelevant results. Whereas I used normal grasshoppe button with the same script, it gives results and also it takes a lot less time. Can this be the problem? Using toggle instead of button?

I’m attaching my rhino and grasshopper files as well.

Any comment, help or idea is welcomed,
Wind Analysis Tutorial.gh (28.0 KB)
Simple_Wind_Analysis.3dm (218.6 KB)
Wind Analysis Tutorial_player.gh (390.6 KB)