Eccentricity on Cross Section/Truss Element

Hi guys, I’m providing my girder bridge project with trasverse reticular elements connected to eccentric longitudinal beams (truss element - only subject to axial load), but I noticed that eccentricity with the truss option is not accepted by the plugin. Neither with the eccentricity on beam (just think because truss is not properly a beam element), nor with eccentricity on cross section.
Is there a way to make beam element and release the bending and torsional moment at the edge of the beam or another way I could use to adjust position of truss element?

Thank you in advance,

Hi Leonardo,
at the moment (Karamba 1.3.1.) eccentricities on truss elements are not supported. The reason is that the presence of eccentricities necessitates rotational stiffness at the nodes where they are defined. In case that a node connects to truss elements only, there is no bending stiffness defined.

When beam and truss elements connect to a node an eccentricity to truss elements would make sense though. I will put this on my feature request list.

In the meantime one has to use eccentric beams with hinges at their ends.