Easy way to get full details of what the mouse just did?

(I’m fairly new to rhino, and i did look around the discussion forums, faq, but apologies if there is some obvious way to do this)

Being a software engineer, i find the command line quite useful. Being new, i often use the mouse to do things. But when it comes to being exact, i often just want to enter the parameters on the command line.
Executing commands using the mouse gives me some idea what it executed (the help pane and command history), but i really want full details.

IE it says:
Command: _Box

I want:
Command: _Box, point 3,4,5, point 4,5,6

I also really want the same when the mouse is used to input a point into a command.
It does not ever echo the point (or selection, or whatever) it gave to the command

Is there some way to make this happen?
(It doesn’t even have to give me particularly friendly info)

FWIW: Part of my goal is to be able to emulate part of my sketchup workflow where it allows you to edit, say, the distance, after the fact. So if i draw a box, and i missed a click, in sketchup, i can edit the distance after the fact as long as i haven’t done anything else. In Rhino, i would really just like to redo the command with the right input, but i can’t actually get it to tell me all of the input, which means i either have to sit and think really hard about it, or guess :smile:

Hi Daniel - sorry, there is no way that I know of to get this info.


Sounds to me you want the scripting or plug-in functionality of Rhino. Start here http://wiki.mcneel.com/developer/home to see the possibilities for developers, which include Python scripting, and plug-ins in .NET and C++.

I can sympathize with your wish, but there is a way, fairly easy, to find out about what you just created in case you really think it might not be right. Just select the object, then on the properties tab, click details.