Easy question from newbie about side views

I am VERY NEW to 3d modeling and I know this is INCREDIBLY SIMPLE but not knowing how to get the answer is difficult (even when using google) as I am certain I am using the wrong terms.

  1. I created a box (corner to corner height) (3/4" x 1 1/2" x 44")
  2. I created a rectangle which I aligned vertical center on the end of the "what I will call now a “spar”.
  3. I went to “Solid Tools” and using the “Make Hole” feature, I dragged the rectangle to the other end of the spar

No problem so far… and I created multiple versions of this same “spar” with different size dynamics.

Here’s where the challenge is.

When I pull up the various “spars” in the right hand view, I get different views.
What am I doing (or hitting) to make this occur? I have re-created these “spars” multiple times and when I come back to them, the same thing happens.
BTW… I don’t want the double line. (what is that anyway?)

It seems that the width is not the same on each side for the lower part, that’s why you get the double lines. I’m not sure how that happened. It seems slightly tapered.

That’s kind of what I was thinking.
Is there a way to get it to “snap” to straight like the other one?

Again… total newbie.
I am learning by trial and error!

Hi Floyd- if your spars are aligned to the construction plane, use Ortho (in the status bar, also toggled by holding Shift) to lock to X and Y.


I have tried Ortho, but looking from the top angle, sure enough I am at an angle.
Is there a way to fix the rotation on the spar and align it with the grid?

Before you spend some time with getting started tutorials, I fear anything anyone suggests will be beyond your current pay grade.

Since the shapes are so simple, I think it makes sens to try modeling them again using the Ortho tool that was suggested.

For good tutorials, download the User Guide from the Support page.
Good luck

Thank you menno & pascal for trying to help me.
I know I am “new” and I am trying to learn from the experts!

As a professional trainer by trade I always enjoy an opportunity to help someone who has tried using their resources first before asking questions.

I have downloaded the tutorials, have read materials and have watched countless hours of video but the simple solution (above my pay grade) still alluded me.

I have indeed started over since the shapes were “simple” and will look to not recreate the issue…

Thank you for your time in helping me with my first question (and post).

Joe (aka floyd)