Easy basic structure

How I can do this?2e63204755a0388b36eddf4f4165ed20--grasshopper-rhino-parametric-architecture

I don’t find an easy solution for this simple drawing…I need help

It’s “easy” and “basic”! :slight_smile:

cause I have this architectural plan and i want create a sort of cave using the yellow circle like basis for columns…but all the structure need archway…
in first time i tried to do like the second image but it’s not so good for me, in that way I don’t have archways on the roof…and every column it’s indipendent from the other

Can you hel me a bit?

That original image uses Metaballs to generate the outlines. You have to divide your column curves into N points, make sure all points that belong to the same height end up in the same list, then run the Metaball component with varying thresholds.

It might actually be easier if you use Contour instead of Divide Curve.


ok i’m at this point… Icreated isocurves with Metaball component…
Now I’m trying to extract a solid from here.
I tried to flip matrix with the point on the curves to generate a mesh but it doesn’t work (I’m not so good with matrix for now). Someone can help me? I need a sort of ‘skin’.