Easiest way to model the lines and numbers on a clock face?

Im trying to design a 3D printed clock face based on the lines and numbers of this watch:

How do I get those numbers to be in the exact positions?

When I use the text object command, I can’t seem to figure out how to place the text the way I need. I assume I have to create the text and then use the move command tool somehow to place them. However, I am stumped by how to get the exact position and angle.

Many thanks.

https://www.minimilitia.mobi/ https://www.applock.ooo/ https://www.7zip.vip/

Create each text at the 12 position and rotate in increments of 15°…

Generate a center point of the watch and rotate around it. If you’re looking to create the lines on the watch, create the line and do a Polar Array.


try with the _Flow command

To position numerals accurately on watch faces I move individual text objects from the center control point to origin (0,0) or wherever you will place your “12” position. Then ArrayPolar to rotate around the face center.

To control the kerning of double numerals create each numeral independently and use gumball to slide one to the spacing you want. If you want to tilt the individual numerals of double numeral numbers slightly to align to face center, gumball is your friend again.

Then select both numerals and snap the pair’s center control point to origin before ArrayPolar. I would like to see a kerning option in the text editor, but actually often end up drawing the text objects with regular nurbs tools anyway.