Easier undockable panels [GUI Wish]

Problem: I got a UI Layout that most of the time I am happy with. Some Panels are perfectly fine in sizes like that, and some are just ok for quick and easy tasks. However, if I have to change more things, they feel way too small.
I can drag panels out, but it is a destructible and inconvenient operation. It takes too long, dragging requires precision in mouse movement, panels switch order when I want to drag them back in place and there is kind of unpleasant feeling of something chaotic taking place in this whole operation.

UI configuration - mostly ok when working on a 16:9 1440p monitor

Proposition: Quick and easy (single button or double click) undockable Panels that remember their undocked sizes and positions, and elegantly return to their docked places when they are not needed anymore. It could be also like that: When hoovering with mouse over given panel pressing e.g. F4 button will undock it, or bring it back to docked form.

How it works in Rhino

Example: Substance Painter - I like how it is working in here

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