Each viewport is showing different layer states same time?

Each viewport is showing different layer states same time, however i don’t have any layer states applied…

I just want all viewports to be displaying the same?


Hi Brianna -

In the early Rhino 7 builds on Mac, it was possible to access the layout layer panel even though there were no layouts and that made it possible to hide layers in model space viewports. Because this was an unintentional side-effect of work on the panels and because it turned out to be very confusing for users, this was later fixed.

Models that are in this state can only be “repaired” by opening them in an early Rhino 7 release (e.g. 7.1) or by importing the model into a new model in the current version of Rhino. I assume that you are not running an old version and that you don’t have such version laying around and, so, the best option is to import the file into a new model.

If that doesn’t work, please upload your file.

Thank you Wim that fixed it!