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Hi to the Rhino community, a ? About e-maps . Rhino has some very nice e-maps, but looking for one that can display something called Poly-flake. It is a boat finish surface. What does it take to make an e-map of this type of finish? I Dont have time to render, but a quick map or can a material be that easy to Apply as with e-map makes a good presentation.
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Can you share a picture of the polyflake look you’re after? I’m sure it’s possible to make an Emap image but I’d start with producing a tileable texture of the pattern.

Polyflake has first a clear coat( highly glossy) the flake is put on next. the color and size of flake vary .a black back-up coat is next. All of this is sprayed into a mold and comes out where you see the smooth clear . Under that is the colorized flake, then the back-up black. I was just hoping to have something as easy as the e-maps convenience in this type of display in that clearcoat and flake paint. I will send some photos . Thank you

Something like this I imagine…

Yes Mtch you have it. No special color just something a fiberglass and gel-coat guy could throw on his or her parts to show in presentation. Thank you

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Here’s something you can play with as an emap… The effect is much more complicated and should really be made as a material with texture mapping control for the various shapes you might apply it to. This may work for what you need though.

Polyflake_Red_Emap.zip (1.6 MB)


Thank you Brian, i want to learn more on this subject . You mentioned a tilable texture originally. When I can dig in and learn more , that is the direction I want to go. Have a month of deadline work first. Again thank you