E-Mail Notification of Rhino Updates


I am a plug-in developer and recently my Plug-In got broken due to a Rhino update (to version 7.15). Since I’m not using Rhino and my plug-in daily, I did not recognize it. Instead, I got notified by a user about the issue. I would like to be notified when a Rhino update is coming by mail, such that I can test my plug-in and in case of issues implementing a solution.

How can I be notified on Rhino updates?

The original post, about the problem that appeared with a Rhino update:

thanks for your help,


Hi Samuel -

Generally, a new public Service Release Candidate is released every week. To be notified, you could subscribe to the Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate Available thread here on Discourse.

Thank you very much! I subscribed to the mentioned thread.