E-mail export error

Hello, We have been using Shapdiver fine for over 6months and suddenly “Export Email” button does not work at the moment.

It seems it’s not an model issue because it has been working just fine. We have not changed any GH File and when we click the button message saying “Sorry, there is no data to be exported for these parameter settings” pops up and would not send out email.

DS1 3D Configurator (builddweller.com)

Please sort this out ASAP.

There is currently an issue on our servers related to special characters, which is causing the exports to fail from your configurator. We are working on it and will have a fix next week. In the meantime, you could update your Grasshopper file to name the export files without special characters and only using plain ASCII. I will let you know once a fix is released.

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please notice me when its done!