DynamicDraw with GetObject

I’d like to dynamically draw from Input.Custom.GetObject
I’ve looked at your code sample but it doesn’t seem to apply because getobject don’t have OnDynamicDraw()
Is there any workaround for this?
Thanks for your help

Hi @Matthieu_from_NAVINN,

You are correct, GetObject does not have an OnDynamicDraw virtual method. Why do you need to draw dynamically when picking objects?

– Dale

I’ll add curves to the model related to the selected objects, and I’d like to preview the changes.
I’ll try to do this with a display conduit, but I think it would be nice to add OnDynamicDraw to GetObject.

Hi @Matthieu_from_NAVINN,

Using a conduit is your only alternative, as far as I know.

– Dale

Thanks @dale, I’ve managed to do this with a combination of onSelect event handler and a display conduit.
It works but it would really be nice to have OnDynamicDraw implemented in the future. Have a good day

Hi Dale,
I am also finding the ability to dynamic draw during object picking would be useful. In my case I’d like to highlight objects that you are about to select before selecting them. The possible solutions I see are the display conduit as you recommend, or modifying my GetObject-derived class to be GetPoint-derived and internally using a contained GetObject to do the picking. Do you have any thoughts on the pros/cons of those two approaches?
Thanks, Larry

Hi again Dale,
In thinking about this a little more I’m leaning towards the GetPoint-derived solution since I think I will ultimately have more control of selection, perhaps using PickContexts. A quick question though, in the GetObject.GetMultiple method, is there any way to hook into the part of the process that pops up the selection menu to let the user choose from multiple possible selections? It would be nice to be able to customize that to our selection context.
Thanks, Larry

Hi @LarryL,

I’d consider the conduit method. Picking is tedious and it would be hard to reproduce Rhino’s picking behavior using pick context (I think).

Also, there isn’t a way to customize the “pick one” menu that appears when an ambiguous selectoin is made.

All of my comments are based on almost no information on what you are wanting to do. Feel free to expound at any time.

– Dale