Dynamic zoom

Hi ya

So I am working on a large object and need to reach the far corner. Dynamic zoom prevents me from doing that by refusing to zoom any closer than miles away. How do i turn dynamic zoom off because it just doesn’t work well enough to use all the time.

I just want to zoom like I do in any view other than perspective.


How are you using “dynamic zoom”? If you are trying to zoom into an area with the mouse wheel, and you are “running into a wall” you can reset that usually with a Zoom window or Zoom selected.

If on the other hand Zoom Extents puts you somewhere out in space and the model disappears, then you probably have one or more objects that you can’t see that are far away from the main part of the model.

Hello - use Zoom Target for this. Dynamic zooming is not going to work the same in perspective as in a parallel view.


one thing worth mentioning may be holding Alt when scollwheel zooming - that should prevent “running into wall” zoom stop effect (target moves with the camera vs just camera getting closer to target)


ALT - BRILLIANT!!! Thanks Jarek, that should do the trick