Dynamic Shells with Slits Scripting

I’d like to model whats shown in images below, along with the slits appearing on the curves.
I tried modelling it manually on rhino but it would be easier if there was a script I could use to alter the shell shape and slits.

These are the images of my trial

This is what I am trying to achieve

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I tried the felix candela script from parametric house (Felix Candela Shell | Parametric House) but I am a beginner at grasshopper and do not know how to edit the uniformity of the candela script, nor on how to make it nonuniform.

Could anybody have a look and tell me how to script the full model or mainly just control the slits and their dimensions.
Thank you in advance!


I could have sworn that somebody already asked the exact same question last week. :thinking:

How about uploading your files, so that people willing to help don’t have to start at zero!?