Dynamic Selection

Hello, GH Community,
Is it possible dynamically select many variations using one source( in this case the Value Lists). Pls., See attached files

request.gh (7.7 KB)

You can do this with metahopper. Can be a bit confusing but it seems to work.

save_sets_from_value_lists_metahopper.gh (26.4 KB)

Hello Martin,
I dug into this script. In essence, it works, but it is inconvenient for my purpose. (((
Thank you for your work.
P.s. Metahopper seems like a pretty decent plugin. :+1:

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Hello, sorry to bother you again.
Is there any possibility somehow to trigger(refreshing) Data Dam in GH conditionally?
pls. see attached files.

trigger_datadam.gh (8.5 KB)