Dynamic parametric circles defining a close shape || ideas

Hi community,

My previous researches haven’t been successful, and here’s what I’m trying to achieve:

  • a series of circles, each controlled independently by a slider to play with there radius, that are glued together in order to make a closed shape inside (see green area in the drawing below).

  • if possible: add some sort of physics to that in order to have a smooth, dynamic play with them. I was thinking about using kangaroo… but still I don’t know if its possible with kangaroo to have continuous simulation, meaning that I don’t have to start a simulation each time I’m making a change with the sliders controlling my circle’s radius.

Any Ideas about plugin I could use or any definitions close to that ?


For the circles to be tangent, the distance between their centres needs to be the sum of their radii.
Here’s a definition that lets you adjust the individual radii with sliders:

circleloop.gh (11.6 KB)
Since the circle radii alone don’t determine the shape, in the above the centres are also kept on a common circle.
Alternatively, here’s one that lets you drag them around into different shapes:
circleloopdrag.gh (13.1 KB)


@DanielPiker , as usual, your a machine! I’ll try this definition asap.

Thanks very much :wink: