Dynamic object input?


Can I enter object dimensions like AC’s Dynamic Input or Sketchup’s VCB. In other words, is there somewhere I can enter for a rectangle curve 9’,3’ and I’ll get a box 9’ long and 3’ high? I did that at the command line, and when dimensioned, it was 31’-6" x 7’


If you just press 9’,3’ the second point will be at 9’,3’ not 9’,3’ from your current point. If you want to make the rectangle 9’,3’ you must put @ before. Like @9’,3’

@ means that you want to put your next point based on your current position and not on your current plane.

(David Cockey) #3

“r” can also be used as the prefix for relative position.


Thanks. That did it.


Rectangle Enter
9’ Enter
3’ Enter