Dynamic loading/unloading of pointclouds during animation

Hi, I am trying to create flythroughs of large LIDAR pointclouds, rendering about 1000 still frames to go into After Effects.
The longer the rendering goes, the more the pointcloud “unloads” ie…the number of points being shown decreases. The visual effect is that the pointcloud slowly dissappears towards the end of the video.
Any ideas on how to fix this ?

How are you rendering the video? With the viewport capture or with a renderer? And which renderer if you are using one?

Hi Josh,
I have to use the Rhino Legacy renderer because;
A) the current Rhino renderer wont render Decals on my vehicle models
B) The current Rhino renderer wont clip the pointclouds with clipping planes when rendering.

The Dynamic loading/unloading is problem C)

@nathanletwory has been working recently on some fixes for decals in Rhino Render. Perhaps they’ll resolve those issues. He can give you more information.

Point clouds not supported with Rhino Render is a known issue. It’s logged here. I’ll ping the issue.

I’m not sure why the point cloud is unloading. It sounds to me like it is being clipped by the view. Is the point cloud itself animated? If not you can animate the point cloud. You won’t need to animate its motion but then it should be included with Bongos calculations for the view area. That may resolve your issue.

For decals in Rhino 7 you should update to Rhino 7SRC5. Many issues were fixed, and load times should be dramatically decreased when using Rhino Render in Rhino 7.

Hi Guys,
I have tried animating the pointcloud, but then Rhino chews up memory until it crashes.
I can literally watch the memory usage climb until it hits 64 gig then it crashes.

Much of this has been addressed in the 7.5 service release candidate. I suggest you upgrade to that. You can set update frequency to Service Release Candidate through Help > Check for updates… You’re currently on Service Release update frequency.

Once you’ve switched click the Check Now… link, download the installer, close all Rhino instances and install it.