Dynamic Dims in Modelling Window

Hi there,

I was looking, as you do, at software like Fusion 360. There is one thing I really like and at the risk of causing controversy as people are reluctant to change. I was wondering if there already exists a feature or plugin or a future plan to implement dynamic construction dims. I find it easier when I can see the dimensions of something I’m working on otherwise it can sometimes feel like too much of a blank canvas or I have to measure something before, also it makes constructing things much easier.

Clearly “Dynamic Dims” means something specific to you.

Do you mean:
A - Change the part and the dimension updates
B - Change the dimension and the part updates

Sorry my explanation is not very clear

Like this linked video and when you zoom in the dims fade in and out of the view of interest. They can be used as drawing aids to quickly modify a curve, surface or solid. I know we have the gum-ball to modify object placement but there is something about dynamic dims that allows me to make sure the object is as I want it.

Actually thinking about it it would be useful if you wanted to create intelligently dimensioned drawings more easily without having into do it manually.

Obviously it should be implemented an option like the other drawing aids so users can toggle it on and off as people have different ways of working and for some this may be clutter.

If I interpret your request correctly, you would like to have dimension-driven (parametric) objects. Rhino is not parametric, and aside from Grasshopper, there is no way currently in Rhino to add that.

Ah ok, I thought it was by default because all these plugins are mentioned in conjunction with rhino as parametric, my mistake.