Dynamic Acoustics: From Parametric Design to Digital Fabrication

(Bob McNeel) #1

We have another interesting presentation from the NewSchool of Architecture and Design’s Symposium on Computational Processes in Architecture and Design. This one is on architectural acoustics and presented by Erik Luhtala, Materials Lab Manager at NewSchool.

Traditional software to study acoustics can be both expensive and static: Design a solution. Prototype. Test. Redesign. Prototype. Test. … And the solution is for one acoustical scenario, even though the space may be used for both small conversations and big music. The acoustics may change, but the design solutions don’t. So Erik searched for a better way.

Erik used parametric modeling to study building acoustics, develop a model, test it, and build prototypes. He built a ray trace engine in Grasshopper and used Galapagos to control a testing panel. Instead of taking months, the process took hours to test.

To learn more about Erik’s process watch Dynamic Acoustics: From Parametric Design to Digital Fabrication…

Posted Nov 01, 2016 by Sandy McNeel on Rhino News, etc.