Dxf output from FormZ sees no osnap ability upon import into Rhino

Hi, trialling Form Z Jr using the MatchView as its at least workable, and one can 3D rotate the model and zoom and pan without breaking and ending the process as Rhino does, whilst choosing snap points, :heart_eyes: add extra controls. Its always married up a model to a photo unlike many failures in perpspectiveView.
Primitive feel, tool is a blob, feels clunky etc…seems wrong to be into what is less refined, wish rhino had far better equivalent…hey ho, that aside…

Export my rhino model along with a cylinder I roughly managed to draw, no rhino 3dm option, so used dxf, took 5 mins to export, went with default settings though chose facetted as opposed to parametric, imported dxf into rhino, then found I couldnt even snap to that cylinder anywhere with rectangle tool. As such the idea of tracing picture details onto the model is part killed, will have to work visually.

Are dxf files like this ?


is it a mesh?

if so, you’ll need to use Vertex osnap to catch the mesh intersections… maybe some of the ExtractMesh commands or ExtractWireframe will help you get snap-able curves as well.