DXF Out R5 for Mac

Hi Guys,
Just getting into Rhino so go easy on me.

I’m using R5 to do basic 2 D designs and send them to a 2 d cutter. Really having trouble with the DXF output. Using 2004 Polyline setting for the best results at the moment and eventually can get it to work. But with a fair bit of hassle.

Basically some of the panels seem to be output with points outside of the closed panel. Or at least thats what the next line of software says. This makes the software freak out and not cut the panels that it has issues with. Haven’t run into this trouble before using AutoCAD. Dont get me wrong im loving drawing in Rhino but this is a bit frustrating.

I’ve attached a file that i’ve been having trouble with. This gets converted to a PLT file which normally has no trouble with DXFs that are closed.

Appreciate any help.

Wharram Roller Furler Patches.dxf (325.2 KB)

Oops, here is my 3dm file with some of the said troublesome panelsWharram Roller Furler Patches.3dm (63.4 KB)

For 2d cutting files, I suggest you draw in the Top view, not Front, many programs have difficulty reading anything that is not on the World XY plane at Z0.

You can use the command Remap to remap your objects from Front to Top.

HTH, --Mitch

Thanks H,

That make total sense. I’ll bet that is it. Struggling with the whole 3d world thing. After checking out the top plane view is guess the X and Y were a bit of a give away. Such a rookie.

Ill let you know how it goes.