Dxf needed for water jet, from rhino file...plese help

Looking for someone to convert a 2D Rhino file to DXF file format for water jet machine.
Note: This is Time Sensitive.

Why not just download the Rhino evaluation, load your 3dm file, and save it as dxf?


I have a rhino demo, so I can’t save the file. the person that built the file for me has moved on with other work. originally we were having the model done via cnc, but due to cost, have resorted to slices with water jet. I can upload the file direct to someone that is interested in converting.

Please send the file to akgodesign@gmail.com.

I am just converting to DXF? Should I add automatic lead-in / outs? I will send over an ORD file as well.

ok, thanks.