DXF Import, read INSUNITS

Rhino does a nice job of writing the units in DXF\DWG files with INSUNITS but it doesn 't have an option to use INSUNITS when you import\open a DXF\DWG. Could the option be added to the list here or just have another radio button Use File Units.

Thanks Mark

I’ve got another threat open on it not writing INSUNITS on OS X along with some examples. Reading INSUNITS would be a great feature, if the metadata is there, use it.

Yes I’ve followed your thread in the mac section. I thought about adding the request there but I thought it might get lost in all the other posts, but with the lack of interest here perhaps it would have done better in your thread.


Since it’s not exactly the same issue, it’s best to keep the threads separated. I suppose it’s just a matter of getting attention of the correct person - @lowell ?

In the other thread, depending on how @jet answered (which button he pushed), Lowell might or might not have seen it…

I’ll get it on the list to add that when I work on ACAD stuff again.
Thanks for the suggestion

Hay wim, thanks for getting the thread noticed and thanks for looking at the suggestion lowell.