DXF import bug. Imports previously imported dxf



Hi Guys,
I’m trying to import a dxf into a file which I’ve been working on a for a bit now (have been importing a few dxf’s before). But when I try to import DXF B, it als imports DXF A (which I imported before) again. It also seems like there’s some geometry missing in DXF B.
When I try to import DXF B into a different software I don’t get the geometry from DXF A and there’s no geometry missing. Also when I open a new window of Rhino and import DXF B, then I don’t get the geometry from DXF A and all geometry is correct. I have no idea how to recreate this but I’ve noticed this problem before and just never reported it.

Is it a waste of time to report Rhino bugs?

Oh. I think I might have a clue on how to recreate this.

Since I managed to get the correct geometry imported into a new rhino file I decided to copy it from the new file to my working file. When I paste it into the working file I get this error message:
So I’m assuming it has something to do with importing blocks with the same name.


So I now manage to recreate the error in a new Rhino window with two DXFs I have, though it doesn’t happen 100% in the same way as it was happening before. Where can I send the files to?

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That isn’t an error message, but a way for you to resolve conflicts with files that have block instances with the same name (but aren’t necessarily the same).

Would be useful if you attached two simple files that give you trouble.


It’s not about the error message that came up above here. That’s just how I found out what was wrong.

Here’s two files. One contains a triangle, the other one contains a circle. Try importing both of them into 1 rhino file. I get two times a successful import but the second file I import turns out to be the same as the first one (which it shouldn’t be).
Successfully read file “C:…\Test 01 - circle.dxf”
Successfully read file “C:…\Test 02 - triangle.dxf”

Test 01 - circle.dxf (162.4 KB)
Test 02 - triangle.dxf (162.9 KB)

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Confirmed, reported as https://mcneel.myjetbrains.com/youtrack/issue/RH-48772


The way I made these files was by opening a new rhino file, creating a block named “block 01” from the circle, exporting as test 01, then opening a new Rhino file creating a block named “block 01” again but now from the triangle and exporting as test 02.


Just had a look at this youtrack item and see this: “Won’t fix”?

Tim writes this:

When Rhino imports the second model and sees that there is already a block in the model of the same name, it uses that instead overwriting the existing block. It does this automatically without displaying the duplicate block name dialog. The user has 2 options. Use different block names in their dxf files or use a filetype that prompts the user when it encounters blocks with the same name, like .3dm.

I understand how to export my files to prevent this from happening. But can Tim also inform all my future clients that send their dxf’s, which are generated in other software, to me?
I seem to miss out on why this is not considered a bug/problem and decided to not be fixed? In which situation would anybody who imports a dxf want to get the geometry from a different previously imported dxf?

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I’ve reopened the issue for further discussion, copied your comment there.


I see Tim’s response and it’s way more understandable than before. Thanks for that.
I guess in that case I might need to look into how to automatically import dxf, export to .3dm, create a new file and repeat that process for the number of dxf’s I get. Not sure if it’s possible, but don’t have the time to figure this out right now.