DXF for antique laser cutter controller

Hi folks (and especially @Helvetosaur ),

Going crazy here trying to get a DXF file over to a laser cutter that has an antique controller (ANCA built in 1982!!!)

Not surprisingly, they can only read lines and arcs. That’s not an issue as I can fiddle around with Convert settings to get a file that is not too heavy but is close enough to the original design.

The problem is that I cannot get a file out where all of the lines and arcs are joined. The Laser cutter shop gets all of the segments as unjoined. If I import the file back into Rhino, the sections are indeed not joined anymore.

Any suggestions for a DXF export setting that will do the trick? I’ve run out of ideas and I’m usually pretty good at this stuff as I create cutting files for CNC all day every day.

Thanks, Steve

Normally, if the objects are joined in Rhino, and “Explode polycurves” is unchecked in DXF export options, the curves should come in joined…


Thanks Mitch,

I was trying that, but stupidly thought that altering scheme settings would stick for that export without saving the scheme. Derrrr!
No wonder nothing seemed to change :wink:

All good now.

Cheers, Steve