Dxf file import (clutter in CommandLine and bug)

Hi @pascal,

i am working on a larger project where +1000 dxf files need to be imported into rhino. Their paths are read from a text based file and the import then is done using the scripted _Import command, then the contents are processed to various layers. For every dxf file import a lot of unnecessary information is printed to the command line, eg.

Model space objects read: 1, skipped: 0
Paper space objects read: 0, skipped: 0
Block definition objects read: 0, skipped: 0
XRef objects read: 0, skipped: 0
Successfully read file “N:\Folder\Date\SomethingVeryLong/filename_129495.dxf”
Opened AutoCAD file version AutoCAD 2004.

Would it be possible that the echo argument in rs.Command(cmd, echo=False) is respected ? It’s hard to see my own printed error messages between all this. If i print anything before the import of large amounts of dxf files, the command line buffer seems to be too small, i cannot scroll up to this point as so much text has been addded by the importer. Any chance to get this into RH6 ?

Btw. there seems to be bug when i import dxf files into a Rhino file which has a missing material texture link. After opening the Rhino file, the missing image dialog comes up, which is OK. But it should not come up after every dxf import or ?