Dxf export issues

I have been exporting a lot of rhino drawings into .dxf. Most of the time no problem at all when i use R12 lines and arcs. Now somehow something is wrong. I can export and reopen it in rhino. The lines are then all white.
I cannot open it in my lasercutting software nor in librecad.
I had another one that did not show up in white line but which i could not open allso in librecad and the laser cutting software.
I will attach both files. I tried converting before exporting, different setting for R12 lines and arcs, other export schemes. Nothing seems to make a difference.
What is wrong here?achterframe 09-03-2019.dxf (46.3 KB)
Liggende achtervork 9-03-2019.dxf (159.6 KB)

The entities are extremely far from the origin, not sure if its causing the problem in the other apps you mentioned.