DXF difference in Rhino 5 to 6

curve rhino 5.dxf (165.8 KB) curve rhino 6.dxf (223.0 KB)

how can it be when i make a curve in rhino and save this in DXF ( in the same default settings) and i import this file in a cnc-machine the Rhino 5 versie points and curves gives, and the same curve out of Rhino6 there are no pionts but circles and curves whith mudge more edit points

Probably because what you think are the “same default settings” between V5 and V6 are not… one or the other may have been modified. You might want to open each one and check all the setting options carefully.

Looks like the V6 setting tessellated the curves into polylines, the V5 export did not.