DWG weird look

Hi. I Converted some STEP files to DWG with the forum advices and also some google research.
The files work perfectly in Autodesk viewer. What is strange is that when I import those files again (the converted DWG) into Rhino they look crazy.

Any idea why . ?

Not sure what crazy means with regards to Rhino. Please post a file!
Is it simple round-tripping a DWG (i.e. export DWG from Rhino and then import that same file) that causes issues?

File posted thanks!

That file was exported from RH. The online Autodesk viewer read it perfectly.
Now rhino does not.

How do you see it ? Maybe we can compare .

So much thanks

Not all that crazy…

but I’m on RH6.

I see this ?

I’m in Rhino 5.4 (5E407) for OSX and when importing everything looks fine.
What version do you use?

Looks like different Tabletops, are there layers in the file?

I exported the file again and imported and now works…

Something happened with my old exported DWG