Duplication, array or mirror

Hello there Forum.
The layout shown is part of an origami tool.

Question.gh (34.9 KB)
I’m trying to create a flexible tool allowing me to change the number of outer facets/folds of the origami shape (ie: it’s set to 6 presently on the slider - on the bottom left of the web).

I’ve explored various options to duplicate/mirror/array the shape as a layout (shown of the top right of the web).
Initially, I considered a Polar Array, but because the shape might have parallel sides (Image:A) or the top of the shape might be smaller than the bottom (Image B).
What can I use to ‘duplicate’ the shape?
I’m currently using a ‘Mirror’ command [at the top right of the web] to produce an extra element, I need to be able to increase the duplication depending on the slider of the bottom left (ie; duplicate to x6…or more depending on the slider).
Can I set a multiple duplification for a mirror command?
Solutions are most welcome.
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Instead of using rotate or mirror, you can use “Orient”.
By using two lines of your group, one for the origin plane and another for the target plane, you can have a roto-translation that is repeat-able.
By duplicating the trasformation as many time is needed and making the “Compound” at the end.
(This is a good chance to understand transformations, if you haven’t already)
Note how some “Orient” block have no geometry input, and only the transformation output is used.

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This is an excellent solution Riccardo.
It looks very neat.
It’s a joy to use…although I’m still trying to de-engineer your steps.
Great work.
Thank you.
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