Duplicates Nuisance

I could really use some help with this issue. It’s chronic and a real obstacle in modeling. I can’t think of any friggin way I’m reproducing so many duplicates on my own. There’s some problem on either my system or with rhino for mac. I’ve also lost the use of two mouse buttons since opening the latest WIP, and even though I’ve delete it and all it’s support files, I continue to have interface issues. Interface issues are a real shortcoming in the Mac version thus far.


you should reset rhino:


you’re going to lose any custom settings and will have to reassign to your liking but i’m guessing it will get rid of this duplicate curve problem you’re having.
if it doesn’t, you almost certainly have to be generating the copies on your own but since you’re sure that’s not the case, it’s probably some rogue setting somewhere… the reset should clear it.

I’m never sure of most everything. And I dred having to redo my command menus. It’s going to be a long sunday:unamused:

there are instructions provided at the link which tell how to backup your current plist.

so if resetting doesn’t fix the duplicating issue, you can revert to the version with all your settings

Carefully check for unintended duplicate creation with the default configuration before reloading your custom menus.