Duplicated curves with different lengths

is there any way to remove duplicated curves but have different lengths ?

If two curves have different lengths, they are not duplicates.

Can you provide an example of what you are talking about?

how are they duplicated in the first place if their lengths differ?

assuming a scenario, as no image is posted:

if the curves are overlapping maybe place a point on each curve, find if point(s) is (are) on the curve (s) - they will be - then of those found curves cull out the ones with the length you don’t want?

Also I remember a custom component somewhere that let you identify identical vs overlapping curves - sorry I don’t remember where or what the name was

Maybe you mean overlapping curves? Like one curve is directly under another curve and is the same shape but the ends are not the same?

Yes overlapping
A curve above another curve ,and exactly like Michael said.
I tried by intersection and both of them are intersected but when i use. Equality and cull or a similar method it find some curves but not all of them , when i used midpoint it find another different curve , evaluate curve find another curves, but i can’t find all curves
I also tried the script isoncurve to find points but it give me the same result.
I will try to create a simple example to show you what happened

i tried to make an example but ithe solution work fine; and don’t work in the original definition
i will try more